Clean Architecture for a Microservice

Microservices, or Microservice Architecture (MSA) is an architectural style that structures an application as a group of services that are maintainable, testable, loosely coupled, and can be deployed indenpendently. They must do “one thing” and do it well. Great!, but how do we achieve the previous statement? Let’s focus on a microservice (service) itself. 

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Java Clean Architecture

For several years @vginert, @rubensoleralvarez and I have been working in many projects together. We have implemented the Android Clean Architecture (based on Uncle Bob’s Clean Architecture) by @fernandocejas in many of them, which I believe it’s a pretty neat solution for Android development, but… What if we want to bring that architecture a step further? What if we want to bring this good approach to a Java cross-platform environment? That’s what I call Java Clean Way. Continue reading “Java Clean Architecture”